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Things I want to learn


Mechanically related:
1. How to parallel park.
2. How to drive stick shift.

Technologically related:
1. How to use Indesign/desktop publishing
2. How to fix my optical drive and prevent having to buy a whole new computer, unless it’s worth buying a whole new computer.

Foodstuffs related:
1. How to bake Cornish hens
2. How to peel peaches/apples/skinned fruits with a paring knife (i.e. get over my fear of slicing my hand open).
3. How to poach an egg.

Writing related:
1. Patience, perseverance to get through the 400 bad poems and however-many-bad short stories in my brain before the good stuff emerges.
2. Variation in my sentence structure.

(guess who’s a listmaker, I am)

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