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Despite the silence here


The semester ended all right, by the grace of God.

The play went MARVELOUSLY. As much stress as this semester caused me, I had so much fun. I would definitely consider doing more theater if the opportunity arises.

I got my SIP done, amidst tornadoes and power outages and an unexpected 2 extra days to work on it. YUSS. If you’re interested in reading it, comment and we’ll work something out.

After all the stress and weirdness of this semester, I (stupidly) almost broke up with my boyfriend. But we’re still together, oddly thanks in part to the tornadoes. We evacuated to his parents’ house and had a chance to work things out over the couple days we were there. The Spirit was definitely there working in my heart as well (as He’s been since the beginning of our relationship). Things are good again.

Thorn is printed and delivered to the school. I’m waiting now to find out how the whole payment thing is going to work. Hopefully they didn’t mail the invoice to me at school because I am NOT THERE currently. I should probably email them. I’m thinking that I may go down there in the summer, get the mail room to give me addresses of seniors, and get those sent off. The new editor next year is Liz L.–she contributed some GREAT stuff to Thorn this year. I’m excited to see what she does.

I feel like I should make some kind of statement about what the immediate post-collegiate feeling is, but I don’t have the energy at this point. I’ve been unpacking my things from school–lots of books, school supplies, decorations, memories. It’s been therapeutic. I don’t really know what’s coming, but I know it will be all right.

PS: I will be writing over at Annular Summer with Luke again this summer if you want to keep tabs on what we are reading.

PPS: Kings of Convenience are also marvelous (thanks to Luke).

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