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Sweet, sweet justice.


Actually not really justice, but the Thorn budget was approved!


Anyway. Meeting with a Thorn-contributor tomorrow to talk about meter in a poem she submitted. Oh boy my favorite.

Well, it’s okay.



Rehearsals for And Then There Were None started this week. We did a read through on Wednesday and some blocking tonight.

I have not laughed so hard for such a long length of time in a while. Goodness. Weird that practice was helping me unwind after a day of classes instead of being another big stressful thing to do.

The play adaptation of the book makes some, um, interesting choices in dialogue and actions regarding women. I’m still trying to get over this–I myself am not Vera Claythorne. She is simply borrowing my body OR I am wearing her character like a second skin. One that will come off. I realize that I have to play the character as written by Ms. Christie and as directed by Ms. A-S Austin. As much as I would like Vera to not say “OH PHILIP” at key stressful moments, I’m sure actually being in an island-bound house where everyone starts mysteriously dying would make you cling to someone, particularly if he is 1) handsome, 2) endlessly flirting with you, 3) and was the only person who brought a revolver. That is, if you trust him.


Hysterics and being slapped by men notwithstanding, it’s been fun. Especially D. Pickering’s character. He’s been cracking everyone up, especially our director. She’s a theatre grad who lived on the hall with me two years ago, so it’s fun to get to work with her.

This whole thing shall be very interesting.


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