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You’ll understand.


“Words” by Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante, produced for WNYC’s Radiolab program,

found through TMN‘s headlines, on The Awl. The rest of Eric Spiegelman’s top ten videos of 2010 list is EXCELLENT. Check out “oops” video–people dropping their cameras and the results all edited together– and the “Ambling Alp” cover  too. Or just all of them.

Spiegelman on his list (“Words” was the #1 film):

[The videos are] all from this year, a year that I can say confidently had way more suck than it had awesome; but if you take half an hour to ignore all the suck and watch these you will come away thinking, man, people still make some beautiful things, even in the midst of shit raining down, even if only they’re tiny little Internet videos….Looking at them all again, it’s clear that I responded to things that were delightful, clever and sometimes poignant.

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