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The plot thickens


Next semester, I will (still) be writing my SIP on David Foster Wallace and heading up Thorn as editor.

BUT there’s more!

I feel like the kid in The Graduate. “Are you trying to seduce me, [Agatha Christie]?”

I will be playing Vera Claythorne in Covenant’s upcoming production of And There Were None by Agatha Christie (for all in the know, apparently this is the one with the happy ending? I really was looking forward to hanging myself on stage–actually that was one of the factors that led to me trying out).

The story, told in fragments and sometime complete sentences:

Saw the audition posters. Intrigued. Lingered as I walked past them, bludgeoned with homework. Knew next semester would also be of the homework-bludgeoning type. Tried to ignore fancy.

Auditions passed. Director A. S. Austin, former hall mate, hangs out on said hall with another former hall mate, who shall be hereby known as Cactus. A.S.A. asks why I was not at auditions, I’d be perfect for role because of various reasons (one of which being the semi embarrassing one of sex appeal–not put so bluntly but that was the idea). Flattered, curious, waves off idea (again) with mountains-of-work-next-semester theory.

Makes mistake of reading about ATTWN on wiki. Further intrigued/would love to see what it would be like to fake hang-oneself on stage. Keeps thinking about play. About being in the play. Fame, ego-monster-returns! etc.

Dishes to friends. Friends say email A.S.A and ask to audition at callbacks. All things are go.

Auditions. Shaky, nervous, not projecting enough, trying to flirt in scene while being very nervous= very difficult, dismissed after one scene. Certain of absolute failure. Unexpectedly, more disappointed than projected. Possible that this stage appearance at least had evolved into some what of a dream. Deferred.

I send Cactus a terrible fb msg about total failure and the omniscient and my-best-at-heart Deity’s apparent non-willing  of acting situation. She commiserates. Student-type existence continues.


Friend with great connections to those in possession of cast list drops massive hint in lobby after dinner. Freaking out, disbelief, horror. Told to check email. Friends and self rush to dorm and computer. Nada. Then, waiting for email. And even more waiting for cast-results-email.

Next morning–the pudding with proof arrives.

and !!!

End of story, beginning of what could turn out to be the most stressful situation one could put oneself in (having never before been on stage, or written a SIP, or been an editor) or the most fun and blessed period of this hitherto also fun and blessed (pronounce that bless-ED) life.



We shall see.


Also over break I plan to reread Infinite Jest, read ATTWN, memorize lines (if script be available), and find a publisher/pester talent people to submit for/to Thorn.

Maybe I should memorize a senior-undergrad-helpline number (I know at least one exists for grad students) along with aforementioned items.

As the hymn says, “armed by faith and winged by prayer,” with such comfort there go I.

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  1. 12/12/2010 7:22 pm

    You shall do gloriously. ❤

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