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Brief Interviews with Hideous Men


I’m on fall break, and I am READING.

I haven’t done any homework yet (bad).

But This Book (see post title) is EXCELLENT. I was baking cookies today (whole wheat chocolate chip) and reading in between taking the cookie sheets out of the oven. Today, “The Devil is a Busy Man” (the first one) and “Think” have been the most thought-provoking– can’t pick a favorite yet because there are too many to be read.

Finally got around to reading some Thorn submissions just now.

What do you do when you read someone’s poem and you’re unsure what to make of it? Or that you think it’s contrived and lame and only the poet would get anything out of it? What do you say to them? Are you right? Do you need a second reading and a dose of compassion? (yes, always).

There is goodness in confessional/complex/opaque poetry–but I prefer the variety that actually LETS the reader understand instead of veiling the meanings. Or where it is not impossible to wrestle with the verses and make the meaning cry uncle or where the title is a sly little hint like the little folded note slipped to detectives in their local, seedy bar that spark the case and the glory.

I’d like to get some short stories some time from folks. (but that would mean contacting others than the 30 on my list). That would be okay. The to do list marches on.

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