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Dear Editor: Two


Well, I found the elusive HR office today and filled out tax forms so that I can get paid for my position as editor.

With all the work I’ll be doing, it’s a rather paltry sum (hourly speaking) but for realz. I would do it for free. Being paid to do what you love is a nice perk.

Not that it will all be easy (or that it has been easy so far). I still have quite the to-do list: old submissions, new ones, planning an event for sometime this month (I think I’ll just call it a “reading”–the closet fiction writers need to COME OUT already), start looking for a new publisher, maybe get around to doing some writing of my own, etc.

I’m enjoying the small steps so far. My Student Senate liaison (aka dude who is my rep before the governing body) submitted an intriguing poem about his major (history) this past week. I feel like it’s full of all kinds of inside-jokes/elbownudgewinks for the History department, but very very interesting.

So. Yes. The small steps continue!

I’m supposed to be working on SIP right now (proposing a THESIS of all things. This early, it will only be tentative) but why not let’s write something.

I’m not sure if the sequential titles of these Thorn updates is ironic or me appealing to a Higher Editor or both or if it carries even more meaning.

(authorial intent = zero)

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