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Plus, minus


++++ Sunrise service

— Being unable to hear the music and therefore singing at least 2 bars ahead

++ Still sounding good (to ourselves)

++++ great prayer time and breakfast with the women of Caledon

+++++ seeing what’s going on at The Next Door and helping make their facility lovely (muscling new furniture around raking leaves and pulling weeds= muscling in general)²

— Having to pay for interlibrary loans for SIP

——- Very IMPORTANT interlibrary loans not being available¹

–/+ Trying to buy the book yourself (since keeping it forever would be okay)

————— Amazon is temporarily out of stock of said book, and there is no other place to buy it on the net.

++++ Buying other book by DFW (Brief Interviews with Hideous Men) to round out the order (silver lining, y’all).

+++++++ Reading really helpful overview of Wallace criticism (Adam Kelly, you guys!)

—/+++ Realizing this SIP is going to be super complicated, but that’s okay because it’s going to be fun and I can totally ask for help with heady philosophy stuff. Our philosophy department (and Wildeman with his lit crit know-how) is legit.

Self, don’t panic. Remember Gately and how he let his big  knees hit the floor every morning and he asked for help from his personal Higher Power. But make it more specific³

¹ ie the book is so new that no libraries have purchased it yet. holy goodness that’s cutting edge.
² Of course I was thinking about IJ and Ennet House and about Caledon too. God-honoring community of women plus rehabilitation plus empowering slogans all over the walls. I liked this one: “Strong women: May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”
³ and Christ oriented. Hang In There.
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