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Revisiting Wisely


You know when you buy an album because you really like the single that was released and then you find out that the rest of the songs aren’t as gripping/iconic/wonderful?

Yeah. I feel that way about Wisely’s self-titled album, but for whatever reason I’m giving the man (hereafter called Wisely since there doesn’t seem to be a wikipedia article about his music- shocking! Does he really exist?) another chance. Plus Covenant would be analyzing his song “Cracked Worldview” all up and down. It helps that I just finished reading two chapters of Andy Crouch’s book “Culture Making” and worldviews/mindscapes were discussed.
The world is not changed by analyzing alone; culture must be made. I like how Crouch emphasizes the practical over the theoretical but at the same time gives some theory as background for the more dealing-with-material-stuff measures he encourages.

Also, the lovely “Pam” (her name escapes me…oh…Jenna Fischer! yeah!) on The Office loves Wisely–and (sadly?) this is another reason why I bought this album.

If you have a minute you should look up “Through Any Window” from this album.

Oh, and I start learning to record for WKLT tomorrow! Yay!

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