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VD12- Final


900 sometime yesterday, FINISHED today sometime before 4 pm.
I’ve heard it’s not unusual to be reeling, staggering after you finish. I flipped the book to the beginning and re-read the “Year of Glad” sections…there’s something sinister/mysterious going on. Man. It’s so weird to go back to the beginning with “all I know now.”

Anyway. Vocab…which feels almost pointless to do now that it’s all over.
My infinite summer ended a week before my actual summer.

blesser: Fr. to hurt, offend (

topology: Topology (Greek Τοπολογία, from τόπος, “place”, and λόγος, “study”) is a major area of mathematics that has emerged through the development of concepts from geometry and set theory, such as those of space, dimension, shape, transformation and others. (wiki)

phocomelic: the congenital absence or abnormal shortening of arms or legs, often with only short, flipperlike limbs projecting from the body (

achondroplastic: achondroplasia – an inherited skeletal disorder beginning before birth; cartilage is converted to bone resulting in dwarfism (Princeton Word Net)

Zog: i.e., ZOG, for Zionist Occupation Government, the acronym coined by American neo-Nazi Eric Thomson (wallacewiki)

The Turner Diaries: Written by William Luther Pierce III (1933-2002), this is a neo-Nazi novel once called the “blueprint” for the Oklahoma City bombing. (wallacewiki)

sinsemilla: cultivated high potency marijuana (wallacewiki)

strabysmic: strabismus – abnormal alignment of one or both eyes (PWN)

prophylaxis: the prevention of disease (PWN)

hemoptypsis: coughing up blood from the respiratory tract; usually indicates a severe infection of the bronchi or lungs (PWN)

pertussive: pertussis- whooping cough: a disease of the respiratory mucous membrane (PWN)

ghost word: A ghost word is a word that has been published in a dictionary, or has been adopted as genuine, as the result of misinterpretation or a typographical error. (wiki)

shillelagh: a cudgel made of hardwood (usually oak or blackthorn) (PWN)

fillip: A flick; the act of releasing the index finger from the hold of a thumb with a snap; Something that excites or stimulates (wiki)

ICBM: intercontinental ballistic missile: a ballistic missile that is capable of traveling from one continent to another (PWN)

imprimatur: An official license to publish or print something, especially when censorship applies; Any mark of official approval (wiki_=)

catadioptric: A catadioptric optical system is one where lenses and curved mirrors are used to form the Image-forming optical system. Catadioptric systems are commonly used in telescopes and in lightweight, long focal length lenses for cameras, where the term mirror lens is often used for them. (wiki)

sinciput: the front part of the head or skull (including the forehead) (PWN)

étagère: a piece of furniture with open shelves for displaying small ornaments (PWN)

delfts: a style of glazed earthenware; usually white with blue decoration (PWN)

kyphotic: crookback/hunchback- characteristic of or suffering from kyphosis, an abnormality of the vertebral column (PWN)

gerontologic: gerontology- the comprehensive study of aging and the problems of the aged (

koans: koan – a paradoxical anecdote or a riddle that has no solution; used in Zen Buddhism to show the inadequacy of logical reasoning (PWN)

antigens: any substance (as a toxin or enzyme) that stimulates an immune response in the body (especially the production of antibodies) (PWN)

piaffer: A dressage movement in which a horse trots in a stationary position while using high lifting of the legs (wiki)

Fourier Transforms: In mathematics, the Fourier transform (often abbreviated FT) is an operation that transforms one complex-valued function of a real variable into another. In such applications as signal processing, the domain of the original function is typically time and is accordingly called the time domain. That of the new function is frequency, and so the Fourier transform is often called the frequency domain representation of the original function. It describes which frequencies are present in the original function. (wiki)

mufti: civilian dress worn by a person who is entitled to wear a military uniform (PWN)

and finally

fuliginous: Pertaining to soot; sooty; dusky, gloomy (wiki)

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