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Closing in.


Just freaking broke 800 pages.
I feel like this book is an avalanche that got triggered sometime in the 600’s and I can’t stop it or else I’ll wonder forever what happened.

Even Neil Gaiman (Mr. Gaiman!) can’t distract me.
Neverwhere has no hold on me in comparison to IJ; I’ve fallen through the cracks of this pseudo-Boston world and now I’m following Gately, I’m following Hal, I’m following Pemulis and Erdedy and Kate Gompert and yes even Orin and of course Mario and Joelle and the memories of J.O. Incandenza that come up but me, I’m the ghost, I’m just the reader.

On the 4th of August, I was in the 580’s and hit 600 later that day.
On the 8th, I was just passing 700.
Today, the 12th, I hit 800.
That’s an average of 100 pages every four days.

When InfSum just wants you do get 75 pages a week. Good gravy, I’m going to hit 900 by the 16th (Sunday) if this keeps up and finish before the 20th.
Meaning I finish before school, shy 5 days.


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