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All the pretty girls on a Saturday night


Currently streaming the debut album of fun. “Aim and Ignite” over myspace. I never did use myspace when it was super popular, but it seems to have evolved into some kind of music-dissemination+networking tool.

I was really sad to hear that THE FORMAT broke up; I did hours and hours of math homework singing aloud with Nate and Co. (I think his name was Ruess or some such). Nate’s found a different Co. (including a full orchestra) and a different sound (which, thanks to the orchestra, is lushly thick and delicious) but he’s still singing about love and belting out his clever word games.

The link for listening is here: fun.
So far, “Benson Hedges” and “I Wanna Be the One” are catching my ears. I probably should list all the tracks I’ve listened to so far; so far this album is golden.

Pick up THE FORMAT’s albums “Dog Problems” and “Interventions and Lullabies” for some background information and general awesomeness.

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