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I feel sorry for whatever person is reading this blog and happens to wade through my vocabdump posts instead of just skipping them.
Currently in the 580’s or 9o’s of the novel…it remains astounding to me that I’m over halfway through. While reading IJ it really does feel infinite and the idea of it ending seems foolish.



  • finger plate: a flat protective covering (on a door or wall etc) to prevent soiling by dirty fingers
  • (nautical) a plate on a ship’s stern on which the name is inscribed
  • a shield; especially one displaying a coat of arms (Princeton Word Net)

cyanosis: a bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes; a sign that oxygen in the blood is dangerously diminished (as in carbon monoxide poisoning) (PWN)


  • of or on the left; “a sinistral gastropod shell with the apex upward has its opening on the left when facing the observer”; “a sinistral flatfish …
  • preferring to use left foot or hand or eye; “sinistral individuals exhibit dominance of the left hand and eye” (PWN)

Q.v. : quod vide used in books, etc, to make reference to other material (wiki)


  • reason for being
  • the purpose that justifies a thing’s existence

ital: italic type (wallacewiki)

brisance: a measure of the rapidity with which an explosive develops its maximum pressure. (wiki)


  • a net or mesh foundation for lace
  • a network of fine lines used by astronomers as a reference for measurements on star photographs (PWN)

diverticulitis: inflammation of a diverticulum in the digestive tract (especially the colon); characterized by painful abdominal cramping and fever and constipation (PWN)

ambit: The sphere or area of control and influence of something; A circuit, or a boundary around a property; A span of actions, thoughts, or words (wiki)

cathexis: the concentration of libido or emotional energy on a single object or idea (PWN)

threnody: dirge: a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person (PWN)

traversion: apparently to Schtitt– character is traversion.

anomic: class-alienating

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